May the “Source” Be With You

A long time ago… in a land far far away… a self-proclaimed guru guy a.k.a. “Saul of Tarsus” had a miraculous encounter during his journey on the road to Damascus. Saul being an upstanding citizen of the Roman Republic and devout countryman suddenly became overwhelmed by a blinding light on this journey that left him blind for three days. Fortunately for Saul, another devout countryman named Ananias who’s own miraculous experience led him to seek out Saul came to his rescue and restored his sight. Then shortly thereafter, Saul created a “contemporaneous memo” of his miraculous experience for the record.Some time later, after attributing 14 contemporaneous memos to Saul of Tarsus a.k.a. St. Paul, at least 2.5 billion believers of these memos are now considered to be “saved.”

Is this a unique story?No. If you can recall another self proclaimed guru guy named “Titus Flavius Josephus” who also had some contemporaneous memos to his credit in the history books. Coincidentally, Josephus also gained popularity on the world stage around the same time as Saul of Tarsus.Its my guess these guys figured out that “contemporaneous memos” were selling like hot cakes during the 1st Century A.D.Did Saul or Josephus stumble upon a new trend?Yes, perhaps they did. At that time, (Modus Operandi) the Siege of Alexandria, had just occurred around 48 B.C. which presented the motive and opportunity for certain individuals to rewrite history and introduce a new religious/cultural narrative as a means to achieve psychological and political influence over the Judaic people and ultimately siege power. A clever and methodically crafted distraction during a time of extreme upheaval.What upheaval did the citizenry experience during those times?A New World Order was being implemented during those times by the Hellenist elite. An indigenous revolt was led by the Judah the Maccabee to quash foreign influence over the Judaic people by the growing Hellenistic plutocracy. This region encompassed today’s Syria, Lebanon, and parts of Israel, Iraq and Turkey.For the Maccabees the law of political succession was hereditary and therefore they vowed to maintain strict sovereignty over their land, civil, cultural and religious affairs and fought valiantly against being subject to outside influences.

How can counter insurgency, false propaganda and false flag attacks disrupt a free society?All warfare is based on deception! Disinformation is like a Trojan Horse and can be the primary weapon of choice when waging psychological warfare. Staged media attacks are used to stir public sentiment and divert attention away from the real suffering and oppression. Always consider the “Source” of the information. For these are the silent weapons for quiet wars.Take heed that you be neither deceived nor distracted by these ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing!